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We here at GroundHog Contractors utilize modern technology to ensure precise grade and drainage that is not only efficient, but provides a long term solution. Whether it’s raising grade around your foundation or creating swales, we can handle it. Our stormwater management services include but are not limited to:
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Swales are very common in stormwater control and can be used for many purposes. If you have a water seeping into your basement or if you have standing water collecting on your property, you may benefit from a swale



If you have a damaged or undersized culvert pipe we can replace it with minimal disturbance to you and the surrounding environment. 

dry river

Dry Rivers

Dry Rivers are used in circumstances where the volume and frequency of water flow through an area exceeds the capabilities of a standard swale. The river rocks placed in the swale serve 4 main purposes; Slow the flow of water, serve as erosion control, filter pollutants from runoff, and recharge groundwater preserves. 

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catch basin

Catch Basins

Catch Basins can be a quick and efficient way to relocate water on your property. With Precise grading we can reduce or even eliminate standing water.

downspout burial

Downspout Burial

No matter if you are a homeowner or business owner, you want to keep water as far away from your building as possible. With a downspout burial, you ensure that none of the rainwater coming off your roof will come close to your foundation. All of our burials come with clean out "Tees" in case of freezing or clogs.

drain tile

Drain Tile A.K.A French Drain

Drain tile is a great way to eliminate groundwater buildup in flat or low areas of your yard. If your backyard is a constant swamp and never seems to fully dry out, you may benefit from a drain tile installation

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